10 Reasons Blog Persist

October 25, 2014 . blog-biz . Comments
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This great infographic is from Mark W. Schaefer.

I found this today from Mark’s website, very impressed! Like to post here to share with everyone. I agreed all 10 reasons, those are very helpful. Especially I like the reasons about “3. Improved Skill Set”, “6. Content Library” and “Product Development.”

10 Reasons to Blog

It is hard to continue blogging if you can’t see any positive result and good reasons to keep going. This infographic is straight-forward and full of inspiration. It is well-written, very clear, and to the point. Knowing the reasons is the only way to keep you going. Why is more important than how, what, when or where.

I had read Mark’s book BORN TO BLOG, it has more blogging inspiration and detail guidence around blogging. It is the great book on blogging in the world, highly recommanded!

Mark’s original post is here