In order to backup, restore, and sync the prefs and settings for my toolbox, I create a repository includes all of my custome dotfiles. By the time I created this repository, I recognized that my dotfiles are the most important files on my machine.


These repository dotfiles[1] are for setup the system enviornment in Mac OS.


  1. Backup your home original dotfiles if you need.

  2. Get the repository whereever you want. I like to keep in ~/Projects/dotfiles

     git clone
  3. Using homebrew to install apps such as zsh, tmux, git, and vim

     cd dotfiles; setup/
  4. Symlink to dotfiles to home directory as ~/.*

  5. Start using your dotfiles’ apps

Repository Structure

  • bin/ - Utility executable scripts, should be copy to ~/bin/
  • git/ - Git related dotfiles and other configuration files.
  • setup/ - Installation files for dotfiles’ apps
  • tmux/ - Tmux related dotfiles.
  • vim/ - Vim related dotfiles and other configuration files.
  • zsh/ - ZSH related dotfiles, aliases and other files.

Awesome Dotfiles